My mission is to lead and inspire others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I developed a passion for movement and fitness at an early age through participation in dance, gymnastics, and sports (track & field, tennis).

I founded Body Flourish (Brand) and created Bodyflo (Exercise System) to focus on improving total body health and wellness through movement and routine. The Bodyflo system uses a combination of techniques to improve total body fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility, core, balance, and coordination. 

Some of my experience and specialties include group fitness, personal training, and online fitness coaching. I provide personalized training and routines to help you reach your fitness goals.



Becoming a personal trainer at this stage in my life feels like a natural fit. It’s a way to give back and help people of all ages realize how important and satisfying it is to be a healthier, stronger and fit individual. I’ve worked out with personal trainers for over 20 years and I have learned from the “client side” what has worked and what hasn’t, and how the bond and expertise of a trainer really impacts your own personal success. Together we will set your goals and reach even beyond them!