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I'm from Atlanta and here for market and had a great workout with Torrey this morning. The circuits he had me do were challenging and definitely a full body workout. He was super accommodating to my schedule and met me early in the morning. The facility is very clean and the perfect size. I'll be back for sure! Thanks Torrey!



The BEST TRAINER I've had hands down!! Very professional and his pricing is very reasonable. Even with my complicated schedule he still works with me. I've never done the same workout twice so he keeps it interesting and fun. 



The owner Torrey Lowe is one of the greatest trainers around. Always has new workouts and great pricing.



Torrey makes working out fun. I think I never did the same workout twice in the almost two years I have been working with him.



Torrey is a very knowledgeable trainer who tailors your workout to reach your specific goals. He's professional and has an environment that allows busy moms, like me, to bring our kids. He's been my trainer for years and I'm still learning new workouts! 



Torrey is, hands down, the most effective trainer in the business! His affordable, creative, high intensity workouts have you looking forward to your next training session. His passion for helping, supporting & molding all ages is priceless. He’s an incredible role model and inspiration to anyone who crosses paths with him. The comfort that is felt at TL Fitness is like a home away from home. The cleanliness of the facility is greatly appreciated! I adore the fact of no TVs and personal one on one training. For me, entering TL Fitness allows me to forget about the mental distractions and strictly focus on the healthiness and wellbeing of bettering myself. For my kids, from my stand point, it strengthens them, physically & mentally, emotionally, become more confident, teaches them discipline & commitment, allows them memorable time together they will cherish for a lifetime, & molds them to becoming better athletes & humans. All in all, Torrey Lowe & TL Fitness have tremendously impacted the Baldwin 3 in a way that is, by far, indescribable!



Love the privacy and authenticity of the workouts! I always feel great whenever I leave TL Fitness, truly a place for hard work and sweat!



Torrey Lowe is the best trainer out there! I leave my sessions feeling good and accomplished. You will definitely see results and gain the confidence to push yourself more and more after each workout! The facility is very nice & welcoming. His goal wall adds a very nice touch to the facility. Its a reminder of why you are there and what you ARE going to accomplish. I would tell anyone to check out TLFitness.. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.. but you will be motivated to get started!



Torrey is the best.....pushes me because I need that. Great space and a fabulous workout!



To keep it simple, Torrey is: A passionate fitness professional that caters to your personal goals. I personally, get bore down easily during workouts. Torrey mixes up my circuits and switches it up so boredom is never an issue. I'm currently recovering from some health issues and he alters some of the exercises, helping me get off the sidelines. Long story short - you will not be disappointed!



If you are looking to join an awesome gym, TL Fitness is the one!! Torrey Lowe is a great communicator, a professional and outstanding trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated to his clients. He develops original workouts that are custom-designed to strengthen and support the whole body as well as focus on problem areas - in my case, my knees. While keeping things fun and interesting, he encourages me to stay focused to reach my goal.



Torrey Lowe is an incredible trainer -- he understands the ins and outs of specific exercises and caters workouts to each individual while encouraging you in the process. I've been attending workout sessions with him for a couple months, and I've never done the same workout twice! He is creative, tough enough to challenge you, but also helpful in just the right way. The only way to find out exactly what this gym has to offer is to try it out -- start with a group class or a few personal training sessions, and you won't look back (except at your old self) -- go for it!



He knows what he's doing and makes sure I do it right. He's got me back on track where I needed to be in my workout and feeling strong again. He's very passionate about his clients and makes sure each workout is custom to my needs! Highly recommend TL Fitness.



I love working out with TL.... he is so nice and understands that I am a mom of 2 and its been a little while since I have been in a gym. There is no judgement and I actually have fun when I'm there. I know he is working me out to my limit because I certainly feel it the next day (or two). He is worth every penny y'all!!



TL Fitness has made a huge difference in my life. It is the first time I ever worked out with a personal trainer and at first I didn't know if I could hang, but within a couple of visits I became more confident and saw progress much quicker than I expected. I have never done the same workout twice and I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish. As a working mom I used to think I didn't have time to go to the gym, but the wonderful thing is that I can take my children with me. Torrey is great with them and I love including them in the workout and spending time with them having fun. I feel like I'm setting a good example by them seeing me stay healthy and active. Working out has also led me to eat better. As this long review suggests, TL Fitness has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. I'm very grateful.